Our Company

One of the greatest anchors in our social structure is food. We celebrate weddings and birthdays with it, reunite with family over it, enjoy holidays with it, and generally use it as any excuse to get together. We at The Community Harvest Project have a love for food and want to share that love with others in a responsible, meaningful way that will save families money and lead to better eating habits that impact future generations.

The Community Harvest Project was founded by Robert Specian and Matt Haynes. Their vision is to use technology and innovative methods to raise locally grown produce inside Shreveport. Their goal is to provide Shreveport with healthy food and supplying to restaurants and local markets while educating individuals on how to grow cheap, healthy food on their own.

While we work with Farmer's Markets, we differ in two very distinct ways. First, we are able to supply your needs year round as opposed to being open during specific seasons. Second, using cutting edge technology and methods allows us to grow produce that would only be available during certain portions of the year. This way we can continue to provide you with healthy, delicious options throughout the year.

Our company has begun operations, but we still need your help! Before we can grow at any substantial rate, we need to prove that we can be a vital part of the community and fill a much-needed role. If you wish to help us grow, then please show your support. Contact us by email or on Facebook. Like us. Spread the word. If you know of any local restaurants that could use our services, let us know. Or perhaps you just want some fresh produce of your own. Help us become the Community Harvest you deserve.

Hope to see you soon!

The Community Harvest Project Staff